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  1. Sounds all good ..... so will look forward to it and keep an eye on your web page and here ..... cheers !
  2. Possibly, if I get chance I'll investigate and see if I can 'fix' it my end. Also re: frames on bars - can you have a way to amend the thickness of the frame please ? i.e. alike changing the thickness of lines in Excel, Word, etc., plus also whether this is in addition to the bar's dimensions or inclusive in the bar's dimensions. Also are you looking at present 'themes' - i.e. alike Winamp skins ? Cheers SA
  3. Unfortunately not, I've checked everything I can and I haven't I think got anything altering the default behaviour of Windows on my computer, alike NVIDIA NView can, but that's not to mean I haven't and just can't find/remember that I have. Also my Sensor panel lives on a Nanovision MIMO U-710, a USB monitor. So if it's just me having this issue then probably best not to waste time on it, but if others are too, then possibly something wrong ? Hopefully that makes sense ? SA
  4. No prob's on the 1st thing then, I hadn't had any caffeine yet, that's my excuse Also the sensor panel manager, is there anyway you can get that to open where is was last closed as opposed to alway opening on top of the sensor panel please, i.e. can it remember it's last window position when closed, alike Explorer windows, etc. ?
  5. Hi Fiery, Thanks for the reply, think you missed this bit tho' Plus I noted you can fudge the alignments somewhat that way and by inserting spaces before label names, but a more precise way would be appreciated ! Noted another problem if you select multiple bars to modify, changing the frame colour doesn't work 'globally' you have to do it for each individual bar. HTH SA
  6. Also how about the ability to change the alignment of the text within it's given space, i.e. within an embedded bar object, both horizontally and vertically, i.e. alike Excel whereby you can align the text within a given cell, or also the orientation of the text, and come to think of it the orientation of the object itself, i.e. a bar on a diagonal ?
  7. Hi Fiery - great addition to the Aida64 suite ! Having asked about something similar to this in a previous post, I'm glad to see the feature come to fruition and be added to the software, thanks ! Just one thing really, if you create a bar for NIC upload and download, you're limited to a max' value of 99999 KBs, assuming that's kiloBYTES that means you're stuck creating a bar for gigabit connections of the like as 99999 KBs is way to low a max threshold for creating a bar for that reading. Otherwise excellent - work ! Also I'd love to see different bar styles for sensor readings, maybe even rounded corners and also maybe gradients for the fill colours ? Cheers S Artois
  8. Excellent news on both fronts, roll on April or thereabouts, thank you !
  9. Hi Fiery, Thanks for the reply, so as long as the new development allows columns do be displayed, that would be a great help, I don't need the OSD to be visible in games due to running the MIMO mini-monitor, but columns, thank you. So next question, when is the likely ETA for said new OSD ? Thanks in advance !
  10. Hi - I suspect it's not just me that would possibly appreciate this feature being added. But can the OSD in Aida64 be tweaked to enable columns ? i.e. have the sensor readings displayed in at least 2 columns ? I've got a Nanovision Mimo u-710 on which I have the Aida64 OSD shown, i.e. for monitoring during games, etc. without either being invisible behind the game, or being on top of other apps or taking up desktop real estate. So even with the Mimo in portrait mode (800x480 pixels) you have to have the readings in a small font to display the most pertinent ones. Whilst being able to have at least 2 columns would be a great addition. Thanks in advance !
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