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  1. Yes, i also thought that. But could this be making my pc to shutdown?? maybe thinking its hotter that what it actually is? could i install some software that makes the IT8772 reconnect or something? also i´ve notice that in Device Manager theres a "Thermal control device" as unplugged. could this be causing an error? What is making my pc shut down while rendering or playing games? any clue? Thanks!
  2. The CPU temperature is incorrect. The core temperatures are OK, the values are identical with CoreTemp and Speedfan results, but the CPU and motherboard temperature are incorrect. While the cores are about 40 ish degrees C each, the CPU temperature reads 128 degrees C. When I stress the CPU, the core temps rise to about 70c but the CPU and MOBO temp stays fixed at 128 degrees. Also after 5 or 10 mins of stress or playing games(pugb fornite) pc shuts down and shows no display when i turn it back on. Then i took out the mobo battery and put it back in, that way display comes back. At first I thought that CPU shows the sum of the 4 core temps, but definitely this is not the case. My CPU is an Intel® Core™ i7-3770 Processor. The M/B info is attached. I'm running AIDA64 Extreme v6.20.5300 on Windows 10 Pro x64. also attached is ISA SENSOR DUMP and SENSOR PAGE REPORT. HELP PLEASE MOBO.txt isasensordump.txt Report sensor.txt
  3. Hello, im having the exact same issue, core temps seem fine but cpu and motherboard temps show 128c steady, wich makes little sense. also when i run the stress test my pc ends up shutting down. i did not understand how you guys solved this. help please!!!! attached: isa sensor dump and computer--sensor paga isasensordump.txt Report sensor.txt
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