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  1. hey thanks for the work, i will test it. thanks a lot! I would also like to display my films on the LCD on my Media Center Pc using the Media Player Classic program. that would be nice if you could set that up in the future
  2. Hey Fiery, will you still work on the Optimus Popularis fix? or is there no point? because if I can only use the Optimus Popularis display with adia64 but cannot also assign the keys, it makes no sense. and that with editing in LCD element groups is more important to me. . I test on a sensor template, I noticed that it is not easy when you have a long list and always have to look for everything together What would be cool is if adia64 would support the Media Player Classic program. Because I want to use it at my media center PC and watch films. Then I could see the playing time on my display and so on .... https://mpc-hc.org/ Media Player Classic has a plugin web interface maybe that helps It would be important for me that at EVE I can use the rotation and brightness individually, I do not cause stress! it takes time i just ask.
  3. on my EVE3 I have slight image defects. that comes every few seconds. What could be the reason ? the usb cable is not long 120cm and the LCD also has extra power. does it have anything to do with the color pictures that I can insert ? EVE2 38 work np. i think eas has to do with the brightness, if i adjust it all the way down so 10% then there will be no errors
  4. yes I think that's all together 1 large LCD. you would have to change Optimus Popularis Configurator and support everything. does not work. do not understand why they have a software on your side for developers . Thank you for the work.
  5. yes colors are not correct. yes I thought it would be difficult to use adia64 and Optimus Popularis Configurator together. I thought you could only address the LCD so the Optimus Popularis Configurator only runs for the buttons. but thanks guys for the work. let's see if you can fix it all I think that will not go together because the Optimus Popularis consists only of an LCD. maybe ask at https://www.artlebedev.com/optimus/popularis/developers/ Hmmm
  6. So it is not possible that I can use adia64 and Optimus Popularis Configurator together. As soon as I start Optimus Popularis Configurator, the LCD support of adia64 switches off. I only want to use the adia64 only the LCD display and the other buttons use the Optimus Popularis Configurator program. Hmmm if I start Optimus Popularis Configurator program first and then adia64 comes Error: LCD init failed
  7. WOW fast mom test. work but image is reversed I also have to test whether I can use the Optimus Popularis and adia64 programs at the same time
  8. how do i do it dump? ok i try my virtual disk drive L: DIR L:\ /S > a.txt ?? ah ok mom
  9. hm see ERROR:Cannot find drive need edit virtual disk drive E: my is L
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