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  1. My uncore clock is already at 4500 MHz. On the benchmark at #post 15 the L3 latency is 14,7 ns and it seams like it is getting worse every day. Today the latency is 23,7 ns. Why is it getting worse by using the same BIOS settings?
  2. Well, I thought increasing the memory timing should improve the scores. The story is 14-15-15-35 made the scores about 5 K worse. How can I improve the latency of the L3 Cache
  3. Yo guys, do ya have a quick hint how I can improve the read, write and copy performance? What is to particular do?
  4. Yo Fiery, I did not have to reinstall Windows after I had screwed the new ASUS X99-Deluxe into my system. I just had to activate Windows by phone again. AIDA64 cachemem.pngs aren't sensitive documents (lol) The way you told me in order to save the AIDA64 panel shots worked fine as you see at the pic below. Well, there is an easier way to capture cachemem.png pics using the windows "snipping tool" like I have to go this way until you guys find out what is causing the "blank panal shots".
  5. It is 32 bits: The story is when I start the cachemem or the CPUID the screens show up like they should. Only the saves won't work.
  6. EDIT: I had a Asrock X99X-Killer before and changed to a ASUS X99-Deluxe! This issue is pretty new and I can not imagine what it is related to. I sure know that everything was fine with the AIDA64 4xx Version. No matter if I am using a beta-version or the 5.00.300. What am I supposed to do? The cachemem.png is part of the tool I ve paid for
  7. Yo guys, since about two weeks all my cachemem.png or AIDA64 CPUID.png are saved as a white paper. No colors or letters are be seen: I am using the version 5.00.3308 Beta. There is an attachment down below! Try to open it! No matter which AIDA64 version I am using. All the cachemem.png or CPUID.png screenhots are unreadable. Is there anybody out there?! This is an big bug I am reporting about!
  8. Yes, that's what it means. Do you know when the next version is coming out? How am I supposed to upgrade then ? Delet all the old AIDA files and install the newer version or could I just start the setup and it will overwrite the old files ?
  9. Hi folks, I am on the way to upgrade the version 1.20 1150 (extreme edition) to the latest one. I have got an email today which says I could take off 25% by using this coupon: But I can't find a way to use this coupon. How can I do it ? EDIT: I've got the stuff straight.
  10. Yo guys! I just installed the new version of AIDA64. It is runnung great and looks pretty good too. But the best is that my key is still valid
  11. Thank you for your reply! Could you tell me please when the versions 2.00 or even 3.00 will appear and what will be modified (as far as you know by now) in the newer versions?
  12. Yo guys! I just send an email to upgrade@... and put my former Everest key in to get a new one for using AIDA64. I´ve got a new AIDA64 key today. My Everest key was expired up to may 05.2011. Do I have a licence now up to 05. may 2011?
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