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  1. I know i'm burrying out a 2 year old post, but now 2 years later does aida64 now support dynamic measurement units?
  2. i somehow got it to work for me. since aida tried to switch the frame to mini monitor mode there was a small time window, where the frame showed up as mini monitor in my device manager. and i was fast enough to quickly click on it and install your spf driver troughout the device manager
  3. I even tried opening aida64 in admin-mode
  4. So after reinstalling windows (bc something in the process to get it to work really f**** up my pc) it says "SPF Init OK" even without installing any drivers or the device showing up as unknown in the Device Manager. But it only shows Aida Informations for a few seconds on my Samsung Device and then turns back to the screen where it says that i can switch to mini-monitor-mode with the frame manager software (which i'm unable to install because there is no working version for win10)
  5. Hey there, can anyone tell me how to get all this stuff to work on win10? I have a Samsung SPF-87H and can't install anything on win10. Neither the Frame Manager software (since this is only for win7) nor your spf-lcd-driver. just nothing happens. So is it possible to get this to work on win10?
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