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  1. Sorry it comes out like that, but not sure if it's from my end or if you need to change something from your end. Did you make sure your resolution is set to 800x480 on your sensorpanel?
  2. This is not my panel, but it wasn't available in 800x480 5" screen, but luckily I was able to get the background, resize it, and start from scratch. I made a few modifications here and there but it's pretty much the same. I made more changes after I took the picture, which is the inclusion of the case fan gauge, and temps of ssds. RoguestratusEditSP.sensorpanel
  3. If this topic has been discussed countless times, I apologize. But I couldn't find this particular topic as direct as I'm about to ask. I'm trying to get my case fans, connected through Corsair Commander Pro, to show up on the SensorPanel. But I just can't find it at all. Does anyone know where to find my case fans? Or how to enable finding my case fans?
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