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  1. gimp is a good start... try using inkscape https://inkscape.org/learn/tutorials/ video guide ... the hard part is finding all the different tools.. and remember the names of them. but after a few days. it will become a lot easier. Inkscape Tutorial: Vector Gauge Icons Logos By Nick
  2. later i will post some more... but i need to ask someone for some advise..... or how to do guide haha.... how do i add my own Bars.. do i need to import them or something like that...
  3. Hello everyone. here is some gauges that you can play with.. its my first time making them by my self... i have used inkscape plus gimp and Krita.. if you need original svg. just pm me.. and i will send it to you.. 2020-06-30Aida64Ani25_sensorpanel.9b09caecf3c0aebe33d6d0603feb8186 aidanewtake2..rar aidanewtake2.rar
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