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  1. looks good . nice to see someone using my panel . one thing that I changed on my panel since then that you might find useful is to change the CPU temp graph minimum value to 20 instead of 0 so that the idle temp in the graph is not in the middle of the graph but rather at the bottom of the graph . you pc will never go below 20 . it saves graph space and you will be able to see temp swings better
  2. Thanks AIDA64 . I've been working on this project for while now trying to find a good hardware monitor . I've tried numerous software like widows gadgets , Rainmeter and others but none come close to the flexibility and customization of aida64 sensor panel. my senory panel and background templates can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yH94G6xE_tOKwSJsf6KYgZrs51Bm4qH9 The fonts I used were part of the Darwin pro font family edit( GeeekPi 5 inch HDMI Monitor LCD Resistive Touch Screen 800x480 LCD Display USB Interface for Raspberry Pi 4) is the screen used
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