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  1. ive tried out all of these things. no success even after unplugin and plug in everything back . i just did a recover thing and its back. didnt lost anything. gonna try again later. after 6h trying/waiting im really tired rn. tyvm for the fast reply. really ty.
  2. So here is my problem. I started a test and the program suddenly closed. i had to restart the system.Once i did, my pc was 100% locke. It feels like the test is currently running, its super slow I cant do nothing. it wont let me, it just keep getting worst. How do i fix this? i5-6600k asus z170-p 1060 3gb
  3. Hey guys. Im having a HUGE problem with AIDA64. my pc its 100% locked. its sooo slow. I cant do anything! how do i repair this problem? only formating the whole thing? ty
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