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  1. I am pretty confident it works the same as my Hero X470.Upon connecting the temperature sensor to any of the 2pin headers of your motherboard (w_in/w_ out/t_sensor),try looking for that sensor on AIDA. I have just one sensor connected as w_out, so there is only one hit when i search for that specific sensor.
  2. Sure thing. ps. I made some really minor changes that i forgot to mention: → The color ring on the temperature gauges is slightly more vibrant → Τhe cpu pwr. should indicate the correct power consumption (initially i had an incorrect value chosen) → The FPS counter is not overlapping with the GPU t. gauge when reaching the 3 digit range. 2020-05-25.sensorpanel
  3. Kudos to all those shared their work. This is my panel (1024x600) with bits and pieces that i have gathered throughout the thread. A few minor tweaks were made here and there for my needs. 2020-05-25.sensorpanel edit: updated version on page 33
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