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  1. Sorry I may have posted this in the wrong topic, thread. Here is my sensor panel. I spent weeks on this trying to get it right. Thanks to all who have posted their panels it's been a great inspiration.
  2. Good day all Here is a screen shot of my sensor panel. It has taken me weeks to complete, mostly because of my work schedule. Hope you like it. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did notice when I enabled EC Support there is a slight lag on the Aida64 Program itself, but not on other applications on my computer. Once I have completed building my sensor panel the lag will be a none issue. Thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to sharing my panel when complete.
  4. Is it normal for there to be system lag when EC Support is checked? When ever I check EC so I can monitor all my system cooling devices I get a lag.
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