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  1. as i turned my pc on, aida64, will automatically start as usual. but earlier today, aida64 is just stuck on its startup window that says "measuring cpu speed". left my pc for a while thinking that the software might have some updates. but, almost 30mins, its still on the same window. i uninstalled the software, reinstall it, then another problem occurred, it cant be installed as there are remnant file that is still inside the drive that i must delete. i tried deleting it manually, and another problem came up.. i attached here the screenshot of the issue. it says that the kerneld.x64 is being used by other programs. it is really frustrating as i am spending so much time to resolve the issue to have aida64 up and running but i cant. anybody can help me with this.. thank you so much.
  2. hi, i'm new here. Wanna share my 1st senor panel. just started using Aida64 3 days ago. and honestly, i had fun making my very first sensor panel. been searching alot and i have seen lots of awesome sensor panel. I envy those who has a unique sensor gauges rather than the stock gauges provided. i am really hoping on making my ROG themed sensor panel to match its gauges. I wonder if there's such a website that sells different gauge designs. i would really appreciate the hook up.. Thank you guys.
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