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  1. 1. With the system from Xp none of this works because the interface doesn't work. Now I'm going to test it with an Arduino. 2. Was it possible to display the ad with the players? When I select it, I only see volume, as I wrote above. Is it also possible as it can be seen in the picture above?
  2. 1. I checked the connection of the pin to the connection plan everything is wired correctly. It used to work with XP and LCDStudio. 2. Under Settings / LCD Settings / New / there is only the main volume Or where can I find the music players? 4 The Samsung SPF-07N is not supported.
  3. Hi, I have a GLD with T6963C and I want to hear an LPT port. That will also be stopped. Unfortunately I don't get a picture there? There is also no further information on setting. I heard the GLCD with LcdStudio contacts. I once tested it with a Matrix 20x4 LCD because everything went. Are there any for music as shown in the picture to display? Is it possible to use a Glcd via LPT and another via RemoteSensor? Will a Samsung SPF-07N now be discontinued?
  4. How did you do this ? Which display did you use for this?
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