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  1. do you have a 1280 x 480 version ? search the posts buds, as mentioned in reply its someone else's screen that i adapted to 1280x1080
  2. its Como_stella screen I just adapted it to 1920x1080p rgb white full 1080p.sensorpanel
  3. just look at how too guides in forum bud, dont be lazy
  4. 661658388_1920x1080rework_sensorpanel.4b5d2bf4c6da51ce9783bee15fa9100b
  5. NICE BUT would look better at 1920x1080
  6. I use rainmeter to overlay a animated file over the panel, gifs dont work through, you need a animation sequence in ping files.
  7. That is smooth how did you configure the m.2 drive? All the drives in sensor panel options show 0% activity is there a setting elsewhere? the 35 is not the activity its the temps
  8. so far more work to follow, animated skippy and relics represent the m2 drives 1198127235_bandicam2021-02-1116-39-44-329.mp4
  9. Work in progress, count the cores
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