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  1. Hola gente. In the lang file in TXT from visual studio code, and I see there are unrecognizable characters - � the characters are typical of the Spanish language, such as accents and the letter Ñ, this is due to incorrect character encoding, and I would like to know if AIDA supports Unicode UTF-8 BOM encoding. I am also correcting the translation file.
  2. Just for that I ask, for technical reasons, to really know the detail of the problem, such as the problem I am having on my external hard drive, failed self-test per read element and SMART data: ID Descripci�n de atributos Intervalo Valor Peor Datos Estado 01 Raw Read Error Rate 51 100 100 62598 OK: el valor es normal 02 Throughput Performance 0 252 252 0 OK: siempre pasa 03 Spinup Time 25 82 56 5741 OK: el valor es normal 04 Start/Stop Count 0 77 77 23535 OK: siempre pasa 05 Reallocat
  3. Hi gentlemen, it would be nice to consider updating statistical data on SMART attributes of storage devices. both for English and for all available languages, with the following characteristics: ID Hex Attribute Name Better Condition Full Description of Attribute The data can be obtained from the following links: [[[ ... links removed ... ]]] They are also available for German and French. In this way you can take advantage of the space of the information area of the disk and have a detail of the problem in the storage units. My Cordial Grett
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