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  1. Thanks for your fast reply. Bingo youve hit the nail on the head and indeed this is what brings on the freeze (every time and on both devices). Maybe the coding shortcut could be improved to stop polling momentarily when it detects a screen orientation change coming up and then reestablished polling afterwards (so there's only a momentary hiccup during the change itself)?
  2. Both my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018 10.5) and my Google Pixel 3 XL display the same bug with the last 2 versions of Aida64 for Android (at least) - freezing on the sensor screen with polling stopping. As an example when you first go to the sensor screen while moving the phone or tablet around, you'll see the numbers fluctuate alot but then after a fairly short while (under a minute), the numbers just freeze. I don't recall this being an issue with versions including and prior to 1.72 (but then maybe I didn't use 1.72 in this situation long enough to get the polling freeze? I've tried adjusting the polling intervals to each of the selectable values under settings but in both devices, the problem still crops up in under a minute. The phone is a 64 bit OS whereas the tablet is 32 Bit (but with a 64 bit capable CPU). What further testing could I do to help pinpoint the cause of this bug? I've submitted a bug report from the tablet already but is it going to be helpful to submit another from the phone? As the hardware is quite different (they both utilise different versions of Qualcom CPUs though), I suspect it may not be device specific - is anyone else getting this?
  3. It seems quite common with Samsung devices to have a CPU capable of handling a 64 bit OS but only actually installing a 32 bit version. My Galaxy Tab A (2018 10.5) is like this.
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