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  1. Hello Sir, Many thanks for the reply. I will try to inform AMD your suggestion, but not sure if they will modify GFX driver. Until now, they think it is tool issue. Is it possible that you could share your discussion mail with AMD for the reference? Or other suggestion? Thank you.
  2. Hello Sir, Would you please help to confirm if any AIDA64 logging compatibility issue with AMD Renoir platform (UMA)? Is it possible to solve by AIDA64? Thank you. We found high F/R BSOD or hard hang with 0xEA or 0x116 when running Burnin with AIDA64 logging or idle for a period of time after Burnin 8hrs pass with AIDA64 logging on AMD Renoir platform. After confirmed, only AIDA64 logging for a period of time can reproduce, no need to run other APPs. And ever found BSOD 0xEA just when AIDA64 was detecting sensor information. Steps and log files of hang with dump 0x116 are as the attached files for the reference. Full dump please refer to download link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b30b6b2d51919809840bb14f8681e86d20200814161731/ccd94a25b5779c27897a6bdf19d921b720200814161833/3e7b99 Other checked: 1. BURNIN+AIDA64 log_update frequency 1s: Fail 2. BURNIN+AIDA64 log_update frequency 10s: Pass 3. Furmark+AIDA64 benchmark: Pass AIDA64: 6.25.5400.0 OS: Win10 20H1 AMD platform: Renoir FP6 UMA AMD's feedback: Found PCI Configuration Space that BAR5 is empty when BSOD 0x116 occurred. But, GFX driver should not save and restore PCI configure. Not sure why AIDA64 tool could be save/restore PCI configure? AIDA64 log steps.7z AIDA64_3.5hrs_hang_0x116_minidump.7z
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