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  1. Ok, finally took the time out one night to fully mess around with this. Thank you to Tenshi for posting his sensor panel and also Cepren for the several of his that he posted. I used bits and pieces from each and tried to mix the layouts as best I could for what I am looking for most. Made two different versions of this, hope you guys enjoy it. My 7" monitor also adjusts the colors slightly too so I tried to correct for that as best I could. If I can take the time out to figure out how to change the gauges Ill make the ones on the grey screen look better. Also just wondering, but my FPS counte
  2. Hey all, new to the site and I have been trying to modify this so that it will fit on my 1024x600 monitor but I have no idea what I am doing haha. I have tried for hours to get this correct but to no avail. Is there anyone that can maybe help me out a bit, or do people do these on commission or something? Just want to get this to fit on the monitor and preferably change it to a nice forest green like I have in the attached photo. If anyone has tips/tricks to change this efficiently or a program that I can use to help along the way that would be great. Also, if anyone is willing to help that wo
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