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  1. Update to V1.1 1.Fix the display position of some text on screenpanel 2.Add AMD LOGO, adjust the color transformation of NZXT LOGO bandicam 2021-09-05 20-45-41-208.mp4 bandicam 2021-09-05 20-45-41-208.mp4 bandicam 2021-09-05 20-45-41-208.mp4
  2. preview video below. Almost finished. I will release it before this Saturday. But there will be no download link... Still the old way.. Please leave your E-MAIL address. Or private message to me E-MAIL. I will send it to you... 20210903_184350.mp4
  3. Thank you for your opinion...this is the current progress...about 60%...
  4. This is the SCREENPANEL I am making...It is expected to take a few days to complete, because work is usually busy, so there may be delays..... progress..........80%..
  5. ZERO V2 1024X600 The theme function is the same as ZERO V2 1920X480. which with animation effects. Audio visualizer effects.Because my work is too busy, I haven't finished it until now...Please read the installation instructions (read_me_first.txt) before you use. enjoy it ! preview download link (Delete after 7 days)
  6. Please remvoe the files you shared ! I made this screenpanel .Did you read my Installation Notes?? ...
  7. I've empty my message box, because it's full. It's ok to receive messages. Please message to me & leave your e-mail asddress...
  8. You should check my recent posts....bro..
  9. ZERO V2 1920X480 screenpanel comes with animation effects. Audio visualizer effects. There is no download link, please send a message to me and leave your E-mail address. I will send it to you ! PS:ZERO V2 1024X600 will be soon... 1824568815_5_720p(0).mp4
  10. message to me and leave your email address...
  11. ZERO 1920 V2...all most done check it out ! 20210325_163431.mp4
  12. New sensor panel theme coming soon..
  13. try here... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xx8u0CTpzcqAQ2mqhXYOnBVQH9O3oaXl/view?usp=sharing
  14. sure thing ! my friend. When I made this set of gauge, I was a bit rushed. It was not perfect. I hope you can create a better one. The file is below. Welcome to download. NZXT METER G.rar
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