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  1. 1920X480 1024X600 480X800 there 2 version original RED VERSION DL LINK FONT LINK
  2. if hit "like" button over 20. I could make one ....
  3. ZERO 1920 X 480 ..VER 1.0 File contains fonts ZERO 1024 X 600...VER1.0 1790.t.mp4
  4. you could change the symbol here " ° " --------copy this
  5. I design a simple one for you guys... NZXT AIO METER 1920 V1
  6. OK.Guys I show you a easy way to mount this LCD.It's clean and easy ! buy agnetic cell phone holder for car like this... PIC.1 then Paste under the display.the included iron sheet is attached to another LCD. (PS:There is black tape.. I put 2 small magnets.. in order to change the angle of the display) After finishing: just stick to the main display directly...Just like mine !
  7. not finish yet..when it's done .I'll post the download link...
  8. I'm working on it.. .....will finish soon....
  9. the png file should be here...check the location...
  10. 8.8 inch lcd .1920 X 480..and another Ver. 1024 X 600 NZXT 1920
  11. I am very interested in how you can mount the device on the display. Can you share the mounting method and package? THANKS !
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