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  1. I am looking for advise on which parts to use. I have 1 2 loop water cooled system and am stuck on 2 points. The cpu loop works well. I have the pump speed ramp up based on CPU temp and the fans ramp up based on coolant temp. The problem is with the GPU loop. I control the fans with the bios (MSI 490 godlike) and there is no way to set the pump fan connection to follow the gpu temp in bios. So I need a software controller that can work with aida64 and link to the GPU temp. I have tried nzxt grid+ and corsair commander pro.
  2. I would like to design 2 displays running on remote sensor. each display would have it own page. Ideally there would be a secondary page for each when touch screen is touched then back to main. seems like I could use the address bar for direct access to main page (http:<ipaddress>:<port>/page1) then have the whole screen be a link to page 2, page 2 could be a link back to page 1. or even better yet define a link area so that there could be 2 sub pages. left and right or top and bottom. It looks like there are 6 pages so I could use the sub pages to dial in to ge
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