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  1. Any updates ? =) Would really also love to see my top 3 processes in the sensorpanel. Thx!
  2. Thx for the update Fiery. 1.So do i understand you correct that aida64 onyl can use one of the buttons for showing sensors? One cannot place diffrent sensors on all the buttons? I dont really need the pushing button part to work i just want to see all the sensors on the buttons. 2. What type of device would you recommend that is easy to install like the elgato or the corsair nexus if i dont want to use a second lcd display in windows or an old android device? Edit 3. I came across a beadapanel 5" if i connect this, will it show up as a second display in windows that i need to move the remote sensor to everytime i start my pc?
  3. Hi, I just got the corsair ICUE nexus and saw that you were working on remote sensor support for it. Do you got any updates on that? Will it even work cause of the icue requierment? Cause im not sure if i will return this to get a elgato streamingdeck insted. How good is the support for the elgato streamingdeck? How does it work to applie sensors to the buttons? Is it just one sensor per key or can you have many sensors on one "key". Which of these two would you recomend using for remote sensor? Kind regards BlaKe
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