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  1. first, sorry for my bad english. maybe I can still be helped Is it possible to create a permanent rotating effect with a custom gauge png? For example a rotating pump wheel. Which sensor output would be suitable for this
  2. Hello. Can someone explain to me what exactly is supported for the Farbwerk 360. I used that Farbwerk360, but can't find any settings for it. what is possible with this support? my used version of AIDA64 6.32.5600 Sorry for my bad english, i'm a German old man. Thx
  3. Hey ,nice work . can i have the png file in 1366 x 768. thx
  4. hello and sorry for my bad english. I have a Problem with the SPF-87H. The Display freeze and then appears "Low Disk space !! Before update remove some files from disk" ,although there is enough space Restart the Display ,and then everything is ok for 2 days. can anybody help ,me .? THX
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