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  1. I did it pretty simple with two 90° metal angle and a flat metal rod. On the side of the display I used a magnetic metal plate where I put a magnet plate on it. So I can clip the display on it, which is magnetic too. This way I can remove it pretty easy. The whole construction is fixed on my monitor stand with two metal clamps. My goal was not to manipulate something on my main monitor to fix the small lcd display.
  2. Icons are from here. There are a lot of free icons. Enter for example hardware and you get everything. Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of free icons (flaticon.com)
  3. My SensorPanel on basis of Liao Joey's awesome Panel.
  4. @Liao Joey Since a couple of days I use AIDA64 and a long side LCD panel similar to yours. So I needed to register for credit this awesome work here:-) Your panel is absolutely awesome, love the neon colors. I'm interested if the background is done by yourself? I like the hardware details in the background but I'm wondering if there is a version without the PC and NZXT letterings on the left and in front of the PC? Much appreciated. @Andrew Goodner I would also be very intrested in your 7 inch version of @Gabe Zalewski version. I really like the neon hardware icons a
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