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  1. @Liao Joey Since a couple of days I use AIDA64 and a long side LCD panel similar to yours. So I needed to register for credit this awesome work here:-) Your panel is absolutely awesome, love the neon colors. I'm interested if the background is done by yourself? I like the hardware details in the background but I'm wondering if there is a version without the PC and NZXT letterings on the left and in front of the PC? Much appreciated. @Andrew Goodner I would also be very intrested in your 7 inch version of @Gabe Zalewski version. I really like the neon hardware icons and the gauge. @Liao Joey everything good, I got it after my first steps with Sensor Panel:-D One more question. Is it possible to extract a png-File from a sensorpanel-File? I would like to extract the pcb png from Liao Joey, but while customizing his sensorpanel-File to my needs I deleted the png.
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