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  1. Yes, I simply hit its mechanical power button. I also tried to use a program that turned off the monitor through a shortcut, but it turned off both monitors.
  2. New member here, wanted to share. I also have a question that I cant figure out, no matter how much I've searched. Is there a way to keep this sensor display always showing, even when I turn off my primary monitor? When I turn off the primary monitor, some other active window will take over on the sensor screen. I've tried "Always on top", scripts of always on top, other settings, but I cant get it to stay all the time. Secondary monitor is set as extended. Any help would be appreciated. Images show a snip of the sensor display for clarity. Other images show the display itself which is not 100% finished. I also want to get some 90 degree cables for it. The last image just shows the full setup. Thanks all.
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