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  1. So I got a new computer and in it I installed 3 SSD: a 970 Pro (PCI 4x) and 2x 860 Pro (SATA). In my Sensor Panel I have the option to decide how often the disk temperature can be polled. Aida has it at every 20 second by default: is it considered harmful for the SSD if I put it every 1 second like all my others stats? Is it a lot more wear and tear on the SSDs if I go that route or it actually doesn't matter? Thanks!
  2. Here's mine after working on it for a good 15 hours this weekend. I like to think that I did a good job and I'm very satisfied with the results: fits perfectly on my new Lamptron HM070 and shows everything I need to know at a glance! Most of the disks are empty since I just bought all the parts and this is a brand new computer Vee Default.sensorpanel
  3. Hello! So I was lucky enough to find and buy a Lamptron HM070 7'' LCD and it is indicated that this one was specifically created to work hand in hand with Aida64, has a couple of customs screens already created for the showing of the stats, etc... But I look in the option of the Lamptron itself and there is no option or mode to handshake with Aida64, and in Aida64 I can't seem to find the screen listed in the LCD Screen section... Can someone help and point me where I should go or do to make it work? All the Lamptron does right now is act as a second screen showing my deskt
  4. Like I said in the very first sentence it is the latest version.
  5. Hello! So I recently bought new parts (brand new computers from A to Z) and installed Aida64 Extreme (latest version). Everything is working fine aside from the CPU temp that always displays 28 degrees. All the other sensors are working perfectly but not the CPU, it never moves either when idle or under load. I checked in the BiOS and it's reporting fine there with the temp constantly changing. Any idea what could be the problem here? CPU is a 10700k and the motherboard is Z490G. Thanks!
  6. Hello! So I just bought Aida64 and I would like to know which display I could buy so I can monitor everything in my system? I'm looking for a tiny screen I could buy to have running next to my computer, something small like just a couple of inches? What would you guys recommend? I'm not quite sure which ones would be supported for that, I would need something simple I can buy on Amazon or similar...
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