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  1. no problem. I thought it may have been a simple thing to add. Such a shame since the drivers support it and lcdsmartie works. I'll have to give aida a miss for a while. I tried the shortcuts but the response time was quite slow and its not as easy as just pressing the buttons on the display whilst you're looking at it Thanks anyway
  2. The support for LCD2USB is most welcome. Means i can now potentially put my smartielcd to bed :) Are you able to implement the 2 push buttons found on the lcd2usb designs? this works fine in lcdsmartie but i'd like to ditch that in favour of this and i need the buttons to work. In smartie one button starts and stops the page changing and the other changes page manually. These can be configured to do anything though so if you could implement it that way it would be awesome. I think it would be a welcome addition unless its already there and ive missed it :) Thanks!
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