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  1. Meridium - Aida64 Sensor Panel (Inspired by DeusEx: Human Revolution) 1920x480px 480x1920px The file size is to big. That's why you need to download it from DA. (Free account needed) Download @ Deviantart.com https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Meridium-Aida64-Sensor-Panel-by-Exhumed-892698083?ga_submit_new=10%3A1632359210
  2. And another new Sensor Panel. (WiP) Quake Sensor Panel size: 1920x480 Ranger Icons from Steam Quake Achievements page (HD remake). Both Icons are animated (15 gauges) for CPU and GPU usage. Pixel font Quake Console font. Custom background textures used from wallpaper and ingame screenshots.
  3. My newest Sensor Panel creation a Borderlands 3 theme. (WiP) Sensor Panel size: 1920x480 Crazy Earl is an simple but nice loocking (fake) cpu load animation. I will change some things, it's not final.
  4. Your resolution should be 1280x400px? But when I download your sensor panel it is 853x267px. You have to enter the corresponding dimensions in Aida64 in "Settings" under "Sensor Panel"> "Sensor Panel Size" so that it works properly.
  5. Thanks for your comment. The thing is, I've been creating graphics since the early 2000s and unfortunately had to keep seeing my work being stolen over the years. I thought it would be different in this rather small community, but even here there was one who thought he saw this work as a self-service shop. Only when I pointed this out to him was the comment and download deleted. Then there are obviously users reading along here who think they have to troll others or attempted fraud? by promising money offers in return for an individually assembled sensor panel. A full 4 days of writing contact with the person and in the end ... nothing more than the advance payment was due. Conclusion: blocked, reported, waste of time. Most users are guaranteed not to be like that here, and that's a good thing. But I'll think about how to go about this. / End
  6. Offtopic Statement! Since there are apparently some users who think you can download the time-consuming created sensor panels along with graphics (assets) by designers (not only me) in this forum and use them freely and upload them again somewhere without naming the author, I will not offer anything here anymore. If even the simplest things of naming doesn't work, then nobody should be surprised when artists no longer offer their work for free. If a guy like him who has a relatively large YouTube channel, doesn't even manage to mention me as the author of this graphic asset (Cyberpunk 2077 panels) among all his references to products, then you don't have to understand that, do you? The word injustice is evidently a bad word for some. At no point in the whole video is it mentioned that the graphics are mine. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Only that you can find such graphics in this Aida64 forum. By downloading the file, the users who download something here automatically agree to the respective conditions stated there. Private use only. If it says otherwise then it is somewhere in the archive file. If you ignore copyrights, this can have legal consequences. That you have to mention things like that here is really bad. Greetings Exhumed
  7. He didn't mention me as the author and creator of the graphics (element Package_v1.1_by_Exhumed) in the video above. And then he simply uploaded all of my files to Dropbox. Without naming that the graphics are from me and not asked beforehand whether he can upload them.
  8. WiP. No download. Aida64 Sensor Panel for 8.8 inch lcd-diplays. I will add different animation (left and right) of the utilization display for CPU and GPU. Name: RGB-B0t Resolution: 1920x480px
  9. Browser double post. This post can be removed.
  10. Hallo. Wenn du eines meiner Sensor Panels herunter lädst und sie wieder hoch lädst, so wie hier gerade, ist das nur unter bestimmten Bedingungen erlaubt. Du kannst nicht einfach mein geistiges Eigentum hochladen ohne Credits! Lies bitte die READ ME.txt aufmerksam, oder klick den Link (Deutsch) an: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.de und lese dir den Text bitte aufmerksam durch. Wenn du mit diesen Bedingungen nicht einverstanden bist, oder sie nicht verstehst, wie du meine Arbeiten nutzen darfst, dann lösche alle betreffenden Dateien restlos. Diesen Upload hier unter dem ich kommentiert habe, löschst du bitte sofort! Ich hoffe wir verstehen uns.
  11. Hello Community, here is my new HALO Sensor Panel pack. Vectorized graphics. There are two differently arranged sensor panel styles included. Different background images to let your creativity run free, you can change and arrange everything as you want. There is also a load indicator for CPU and GPU. Font included and required. Read the README.txt carefully if you want change something an re-upload! This work is created under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 2133448916_Halo(1920x480)byExhumed.rar
  12. Hello Community, here is my new Cyberpunk 2077 Sensor Panel pack. Vectorized graphics and icons. Read the README.txt carefully if you want change something an re-upload! This work is created under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ 1462798846_Cyberpunk2077(1920x480).rar
  13. You use the "Simple sensor item" and there is no shadow option. But if you use "Sensor Item" from the drop-down menu you can add a shadow. See picture below.
  14. Yes you can add a shadow. It's simple.
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