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  1. Right you were! With the newest update I can see all 3 fans. Thanks for the hard work!
  2. @72hundred I appreciate your dedication to this feature request. I think it would be a great addition!
  3. Does AIDA64 have support for 3 GPU fans? I have an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW that has 3 GPU fans, however in AIDA64 I'm only seeing 2. My hope is to monitor the speed of all three fans. Is this behavior expected? Thanks!
  4. That really is a secret feature... and it works perfectly. Is it fair to say that this secret feature isn't documented anywhere? I don't mean to push back but, isn't it fair to say that AIDA64 users aren't average users to begin with? I would venture to guess that most of the users of AIDA64 are power users. Being one of them, I can wholeheartedly say that having more options, even if on the surface they appear complex, is desired, especially for an application that provides us with detailed low-level data. From a screen real estate perspective, nesting this feature in a collapsible section (that is collapsed by default) at the bottom of the window labeled Advanced Settings could mitigate this issue. As you can see I'm really pushing for this feature... Thanks again for secret tip and let me know if this is something that could ever get added to your development roadmap!
  5. There are a few of the sensors where the default unit and value are either too large or just aren't desired. For instance, the default Download Rate. Currently the default Download Rate displays in KB/s. While I can change the unit label, I don't have any way to change the value itself. My enhancement request is to allow what I'm calling Value Modifiers or Expressions. These would only be available for sensors whose values are numbers (ints, floats, etc.). Let's go through a real world example of how we could implement this. Here is my current sensor panel. Note the upload and download speeds being in KB/s (red box). While it's nice to see KB/s, I would rather it display in MB/s. With this enhancement, rather than requesting one off sensor calculations or modifications, I feel it would be easier and more powerful to let the end user decide how to display the values. With my proposed enhancement I would be able to modify the value of the Download Rate by creating a custom expression. Below, the end user would be able to choose a custom operator (+, -, /, *, ^, etc.) then choose which operand would be the sensor value and which operand would be the custom value. Because performing math on a given value could lead to out of control decimal places, it would be ideal to include some level of precision, hence adding a section for precision. My custom Value Modifier (above) would take the Sensor Value and divide it by my own Custom Value (1000). Essentially this would turn 1200.1 into 1.20. Next, I could use the already existing Show unit functionality and modify my label from KB/s to MB/s. Now I would have the value I desire and have much more flexibility with all of the other sensor values. I hope my intentions are clear and that my enhancement request is easy to understand. Please reach out if there is anything you would like me to clarify. This should go without saying, but thank you for all of your hard work on this application. I use it daily and greatly appreciate all of its features!
  6. Hello @Fiery Should the latest update show all 3 fans for this graphics card? I am only seeing 2 fans at the moment. Thanks!
  7. Just to tag along to this... There are only 2 GPU fans displaying as well while the 3080 has 3 GPU fans. I'm excited to see the new update correct all of this! :)
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