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  1. Well don't I feel silly. That worked perfectly. Thanks @Fiery!
  2. Hey there AIDA64 Team! Is there anyway to increase the precision for the Bus Clock? I first noticed this while using the RemoteSensor panel with CPU FSB simple sensor item. It appears that it rounds up/down to the nearest mhz. This is slightly problematic for me as I overclock my bus. Here is a screenshot showing what I see. At the top is HWINFO64 where you can see it matches AIDA64 CPUID. Is there anyway to update the Real Clock and the CPU FSB simple sensor item to reflect what is in AIDA64 CPUID? This way we get a little more precision with this clock speed. Thanks!
  3. For me GPU Diode is the actual GPU temperature.
  4. Thanks @Fiery, the new update worked. My temps are now displaying correctly.
  5. I've got 3 fans and 3 correct fan speeds! As always, @Fiery, thanks for the hard work!
  6. @Kevin Bdn Could you look to see if there are any application errors in Windows Event Viewer for the time of your crashes? This might help narrow down if it's AIDA64 or possibly another application. If it is AIDA64, whatever the log entry is should be helpful for the dev team.
  7. @Fiery well this is interesting... I've set the GPU fans to 100% and they do display the correct values: However, anything under 100% and things start to get weird... It looks like GPU3 is actually the correct percentage while GPU and GPU2 appear to have the wrong ratio. Here they are at 75%: Here they are at 50%: Here are the values at 25%: Finally here they are at 15%: @Fiery I hope the above was helpful.
  8. I am running the latest version and this issue still appears to be present. @Fiery can you confirm that this was fixed?
  9. Just bumping this as it's still an issue with v6.32.5600 of AIDA64 Extreme. @scaramonga I noticed you're using the Engineer flavor of AIDA64. Hopefully this is just some shared code that can be corrected in one place.
  10. Hey @elitegamer352 and @gbubrodieman! So sorry for the delay. I didn't have notifications turned on so I never saw these. From my screenshot above I was on 6.30.5511 Beta I'm currently on 6.32.5600. As you can see above I do see the third GPU fan, however I'm noticing that the GPU Fan % is off for GPU and GPU2 fans. On the EVGA 3080 FTW Ultra 600 RPM is 20% not 44%. @Fiery Is this a known issue? I hope this helps!
  11. The temperatures in AIDA64 appear to be 2 degrees higher than the other tools that monitor my GPU temperatures. Is this a known issue? Or perhaps, is there a different temperature I should be looking at in AIDA64? In the screenshot I have the following applications running simultaneously. EVGA Precision X1 HWiNFO64 GPU-Z AIDA64 All of the temperatures match except for AIDA64. These are my idle temps, but this 2 degree difference scales even when under load. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Right you were! With the newest update I can see all 3 fans. Thanks for the hard work!
  13. @72hundred I appreciate your dedication to this feature request. I think it would be a great addition!
  14. Does AIDA64 have support for 3 GPU fans? I have an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW that has 3 GPU fans, however in AIDA64 I'm only seeing 2. My hope is to monitor the speed of all three fans. Is this behavior expected? Thanks!
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