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  1. Yes it is fixed @schrutic, GDDR6X use a effective clock 19.0 to 21.0 GHz - see link: https://www.hwcooling.net/en/ampere-gpus-use-new-gddr6x-memory-based-on-pam4-en/ Thanks @Fiery
  2. No, on October 27th I reported the error for the first time, it was never fixed.
  3. Hello - even in the last beta, the memory frequency on my RTX 3080 is displayed incorrectly in sensor panel! It shows the doubling and not the quadrupling as in older Aida64 before - see picture, GPU-Z displayed single, Aida64 double and CPU-Z quad of double, like Aida64 in the last years.
  4. With the new Final Version the same problems - when the GPU is in idle, Clock field on sensor panel still appear and disappear, i think this happens only when the GPU ist very cold, i use watercooling - also the memory frequency reading is wrong, it shows only the double rate. My card ist a RTX 3080FE!
  5. Ok, sorry, no problem. Power efficiency calculation are not important for me, that was not the question, i dont need that, but it would be great, when AIDA64 can read the "Power in" and "Power out" values. So, my question was, can AIDA64 perhaps in one of the upcoming versions support both values, "Power in" and "Power out"? So where is the problem, at the moment AIDA64 can read the PSU "Power out" value, why is it not possible to integrate also the "Power in" value? As i wrote, AIDA64 is the best Systemtool from all, but can not read this two values, only one, but the little HWMonitor Tool, for example, can read both values. I am confused about that. Thanks a lot!
  6. Dear Aida64 Team - i have one short question, because i want to buy a new license. I am using a corsair RM650i psu which is connected to the mainboard. In the original Corsair Link Software i can see two entrys namend "Power in" und namend "Power out". In Aida64 i can onyl see one value, i think it is the "Power out" value. Is it possible, that Aida64 can read in future versions also the "Power in" value? The little tool HWMonitor can do this. The best Systemtool from all, Aida64, can do it not! HWMonitor can also read the Efficiency, also the Tool SIV can do it, please take a look at the pictures. It would be great, when Aida64 can also do this, for me for example it is important - thanks a lot
  7. Please take a look at the pictures, only for your referenz.
  8. I mean all the other Software can read the voltage! But only the latest versions of it.
  9. I have one short question, i am using the latest beta 5.70.3869. I can not read the voltage of my GTX 1080, the voltage entry does not apear on the sensorpage. Is this normal? Any other entrys like temp, TDP clock and so on are there. With any other program i can read the voltage, like GPU-Z, SIV 5.10 or with the latest beta of HW-Info. Is there a fix for this issue or i am the only one with this problem? Thanks a lot für a short info
  10. Thank you, i have check, it doesn't work, aida64 can not read any sensor data..
  11. Hi Fiery, i also want to ask you because it is in the near future possible, that AIDA64 supports the new Thermaltake SMART DPS G Power Supplies? The PSU is directly connected to a USB port header, the software from Thermaltke it's such a shame! Link to the PSU: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Power_Supply/Smart_Series_/Smart_DPS_G/C_00002720/Smart_DPS_G_650W_Gold/Design.htm Thank you very much
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