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  1. Some motherboards have temp sensor headers as you said - normally a two pin header. Ideally there would also be support for some USB temp hardware that a temp sensor could be plugged into. Seems as though the devs are willing to add support for this. I'm considering making (for example) a small Arduino board that could accept a couple inputs and expose the temps via an API to Aida.
  2. Here is my take of a sensor panel. It is centered around the 1920x480 IPS 8.8" panel that is available on Amazon. The gauges are inspired by the NZXT Cam gauges but the rest is stock from Aida. The bottom graphs monitor both the CPU and GPU utilization over time. My PC build is currently a 7700K, but I will be upgrading to a 5950x once they are available. Right now I just copy/pasted the 8 hardware thread graphs. Damon's Sensor Panel.sensorpanel
  3. I've got a motherboard that doesn't support temp sensors - I'd like to monitor my coolant temperature in my closed loop. I can easily put together an Arduino that monitors a temp sensor. Is there any way I can get this into Aida64? For example I could output every second (or whatever) the temp on the USB COM port, or I could write a small DLL that reads the value from the Arduino and exposes a public method for reading the value. I've searched through the forums but I don't see much in the way of this kind of support. Thoughts? Thanks, Damon
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