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  1. et le lien pour les photo https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11gg4NSdSx93OPP3JLRTNNKIlNznVYGVB?usp=sharing
  2. et voici les fichiers 2021-01-01Fini-definitif.sensorpanel
  3. voici le mien. C'est très inspirer d'un existant mais n'aillant pas de réponse je l'ai refait moi même
  4. Hello men gg for your sensor panel, I love it. But we can't download it. So can you give a new like please, or can you give the type of your police for reproduce it please. Because the panel is awesome <3
  5. Hello men gg for your sensor panel. I love it but we can't donnlowd it, can you share it or can you give your type of police for the text . PLS thx
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