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  1. wow man! That looks awesome good job. Nice to see people like my design :-D
  2. Include the Background PSD Frieza_1.1.rar
  3. Here is the Final 2077 Version. Now i have to make a break or i dream from aida and photoshop 2077.rar
  4. Enjoy, and show me your version Frieza_1.1.rar
  5. Finished today Fit to 1280x800. SCIFI79_sensorpanel.7f2476c56837ff8cc027c0b77f1fb780
  6. glad you like it Black.sensorpanel
  7. I made also a White Version of This white.sensorpanel
  8. this is not yet ready for the public, needs some improvements
  9. So i made a new Version of this incl. first own designed gauges...i think the Cyberpunk feeling is coming good
  10. its already posted, check a few entrys further
  11. so i took the time with today and designed something new
  12. hello together here my new build and my first sensor panel design for the 4.3 inch display.The display housing was also a premiere on the 3d printer. I have limited myself to the essential data, what do you think, succeeded?
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