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  1. Hi, I am using the Beta version (6.33.5714) and noticed that the customizable sensor (probe) defined in the BIOS as EC-TEMP1 does not appear. I made a comparison with HWINFO just to make sure it could have a different name but it doesn't really appear on the AIDA SENSORS list Could you implement it? Best Regards
  2. Yes. What I mean is that the GPU sensor report on AIDA64 is very poor. Please don't get me wrong. It is a constructive criticism to see AIDA64 getting better and better.
  3. Thank you for your interest. I´m using 5635 Beta. - The good news: Now the sensor readings appear - The bad news: They appear as presented below
  4. Version 6.32.5631 is experiencing the following problems with the ITE IT8686E sensor on my Gigabyte x299 Designare: - The SYS_FAN_4 sensor appears as CHASSIS # 6 - The external temperature sensor attached to the EC_TEMP1 port is not being read. Any suggestion ?
  5. I have an Asus Strix RTX3090 using HWINFO. I am dissatisfied with the graphic part of HWINFO and decided to try AIDA64 (much better graphic part) but I noticed that in the GPU part the program has much less GPU monitoring than HWINFO. In my case, in terms of temperatures, only GPU CORE appears. Any specific reason? Will it still be implemented? Best Regards I´m using 6.32 version
  6. Hi My sensorpanel that I'm using on my 2nd display (LCD - 1024x 600) BETO-11_2020-V41_sensorpanel.d963ab8e42f1c69c00c5bfba982129ba
  7. It is precisely what I would like to avoid. The fewer the number of PNGs available, the less fluid the gauge movement will be. Perhaps the best idea would be for the user to be able to choose how many PNG files he wants to mount his gauge with.
  8. I thank you for your considerations but I meant the possibility of changing between 2 PNG at certain points (for example, I create 2 buttons - 1 blue and 1 red - in PNG format and at the previously defined temperature of that sensor, AIDA change one PNG over the other.
  9. I'm new here but I would also like to make some suggestions. I hope I'm not repeating something. - Increase or unlimit the "STATES" in the Custom Gauges section so that the user can place as many PNGs as desired, making the gauges more fluid? - Place variables equal to the BAR section in other sections (sensor / gauges). Could we change the color on the sensors and, on the Gaugues, alternate PNGs? thanks
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