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  1. Any PSD for the background images, etc? want to try it on my panel its 1200x1920 I can see scaling up the jpg gets a bit pixelated
  2. @Exhumed Thanks! I have a 1200X1920 panel ill use for the sensor, I am not totally sure if ill put it vertical(1920x1200) yet or horizontal will see my final space after. I was hoping to get one in both sizes and then decide. If you have one you could share for that resolution that would be amazing if you aren't able to share the source files. Since you said it was vector I thought it would be easily to change it to that resolution, maybe not so much for the vertical perspective. I appreciate the help!
  3. @Exhumed Really like your design! do you have the raw files? I was going to edit it for a vertical mount sensor or if you already had one like that could you share that? really dig it!
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