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  1. I just tried 3 times with the Beta and no crashing! Something else is waking my computer now but I think that is unrelated. I'll keep testing and post if I have any other problems. Thanks!
  2. Also, here is my current Odospace Export and layout files (GIMP) if anybody wants it. Ryzen_Custom.oslcd AIDA_BG_Ryzen.xcf
  3. I found a bit of a workaround for the Sleep issue. I DISABLED "Load AIDA64 at Windows startup" and then created a scheduled task to load on "Workstation Unlock". This will make it launch at both startup and when resuming from sleep. If you manually lock and unlock it shouldn't create a new instance but instead launch the main window. I've attached the task XML file below. AIDA64 Unlock Start.xml
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