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  1. As per request by Andy gears.sensorpanel
  2. Noticed a bunch of little mess ups, fixed it. Fits 1280x720 and most likely 1280x800 would fit. 2021-06-05.sensorpanel
  3. Looking good, nice and clean, any way we could get a copy of your load meters? Thanks
  4. With labels for the units in the bars (1280x720 7" display) 2021-06-04pm.sensorpanel
  5. Thanks, I've since updated it a bit, here's the latest version of it. Clean and simple, and i will look at what you said about the units. 2021-06-04.sensorpanel
  6. Sensor panel to imitate file folders. new1280x720.sensorpanel
  7. For the life of me, i cant get network to show anything but a flat bar all the time. When i change to sensor, i still get no activity, have tried multiple things, and nada. Ideals?
  8. It should be working, i dont think its your monitor, when running aida 64, i would move the display back to your main momitor. Turn off your mini monitor after you move the screen to your main monitor, , and then right click on it, open sensor panel manager. This way you can see if it is working or not.
  9. Thats kind of weird, what size display do you have? Also keep all of the files in the same folder.
  10. Heres my offering, if anything is missing, let me know, thanks. One has the grid on it, the other doesnt.. Gears_Yellow.rar
  11. Im loving this a lot, i like the first background too, any chance for some of the art files, thanks.
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