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  1. No way, i was gona try this but ended up not bothering cause i thought it wouldnt make a difference. Glad it worked. Now i can go back to 4k desktop resolution. Happy days.
  2. I had this exact same issue. Any game i loaded would make my sensor panel disappear on my 5 inch LCD too tho for me at least i found a way around it. The issue for me was I have a 4k monitor but my GPU (Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB) isnt powerful enough to play games at 4k, so my desktop resolution is set to 4k but when i load any games I play them at 1440p. This is where the issue with sensor panel disappearing comes in. Soon as you run a game in full screen mode the GPU changes signal to 1440p fullscreen making sensor panel disappear. So to try compensate for it, you change the settings in the
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