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  1. @Joe HallI'll try to find all the files tomorrow. It's an abandoned project for now, but i'll include anything and everything I used. Next time @(person) so they know you posted for them, I just stumbled today on the forum by chance.
  2. Took me a while, but it's more or less finished. Might need some tweaking with font sizes etc. All credits go to @miishb79 for supplying the files, I called it Frieza Red. The size is 1280-768 and here are all files including fonts and PSD's Frieza_Red_1280-768.7z
  3. @miishb79 Also very interested in those other PSD files, the one PSD that's included is for the gauge. No others included I'm afraid. Thanks in advance.
  4. This looks really slick, care to share the files in a zip/rar? I'd like to redo this in red, and change the size a bit. It really looks good already as is (running it on my panel as we speak)
  5. Got the screen in, it's supposed to be a 800x480 panel but it runs fullHD if I want. Weird, got it off amazon.de. So tinkering with a 1280x720 format. As you can see nothing is set in stone, but i'm having fun doing it.
  6. Newbie, getting my 800x480 panel today and started to prepare something and dusted of Photoshop after 6 years. Not sure where it's going but it' basically a test for myself making custom gauges and incorporating it in a background. Nice to do something different in these corona times.
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