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  1. Here is my version made for a Nexus 7 2013 with the GIMP version of the background image for editing but the original was posted by another user earlier in the thread. I didn't put much effort into making the layout symmetrical or anything, so will probably annoy an OCD person. Can someone please confirm if their setup is using around 5% CPU? Trying to confirm if its normal or not. Has no impact on day to day usage but does impact bench marking. 2021-01-09.oslcd 1863261561_TMAIDALCDN71920x1200.xcf
  2. https://imgur.com/NzEOwgv Finally got a screenshot of my modified version of your layout running on a Nexus 7.
  3. Ok so USB and Wifi use similar amount of CPU so will stick to wifi. Is it normal for this Odospace/AIDA64 setup to use 5% CPU 24/7 ? Can I uninstall remote panel on the PC so I dont have to manually close it in the system tray each time I start windows?
  4. Thanks for that I customized it and created my own for my Nexus 7. My only issue is that the setup seems to be using about 5% CPU , not sure if going over wifi makes a difference but its a bit high, impacts performance of benchmarks such as cinebench. Some questions. * Does USB use less CPU than Wifi? * Is there anyway to have Odospace/AIDA64 use less than 5% CPU to function?
  5. Hi all, I am running the system monitoring on an old nexus 7 android tablet via Odospace LCD and remote panel which is working great. Only issue is that I have noticed the exe AIDA64 Extreme (32 bit) on my PC is using 5-6% CPU constantly which seems way to high. I ran Cinebench and has a small impact on performance presumably because it is chewing up so much CPU time. Is it possible to get it down to 1-2%? Changing polling from 1000 to 100 didn't seem to do anything, neither did disabling EC support, two things I saw mentioned while searching the forum.
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