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  1. Made no difference but the second I untick "enable Odospace LCD support" in preferences it has the same effect as closing AIDA64, CPU temps drop instantly.
  2. Thanks for that. Unfortunately I have had to give up on your sensor panel on my Nexus 7 2013 as it boosts cores in the background resulting in high idle temps on my new 5800X. I didn't realise it at first as the AIDA64 stats screens shows base CPU Mhz clocks when "idle" and thought the 5800X was just hot. But then in other software I noticed that individual cores were constantly boosting , I closed AIDA64 and temps dropped instantly. i.e. With it on I get a CPU temp of 60C+, or average sensor temp of 50C+ measured in HWiNFO64, close AIDA64 and it drops to 40C and 30C+ almost instantly. I did loved having the screen but I will have to investigate another way to do it as its not acceptable to impact CPU performance like that.
  3. odospace can you please make an option to stop your program loading at startup for those using wifi not USB?
  4. Here is my version made for a Nexus 7 2013 with the GIMP version of the background image for editing but the original was posted by another user earlier in the thread. I didn't put much effort into making the layout symmetrical or anything, so will probably annoy an OCD person. Can someone please confirm if their setup is using around 5% CPU? Trying to confirm if its normal or not. Has no impact on day to day usage but does impact bench marking. 2021-01-09.oslcd 1863261561_TMAIDALCDN71920x1200.xcf
  5. https://imgur.com/NzEOwgv Finally got a screenshot of my modified version of your layout running on a Nexus 7.
  6. Ok so USB and Wifi use similar amount of CPU so will stick to wifi. Is it normal for this Odospace/AIDA64 setup to use 5% CPU 24/7 ? Can I uninstall remote panel on the PC so I dont have to manually close it in the system tray each time I start windows?
  7. Thanks for that I customized it and created my own for my Nexus 7. My only issue is that the setup seems to be using about 5% CPU , not sure if going over wifi makes a difference but its a bit high, impacts performance of benchmarks such as cinebench. Some questions. * Does USB use less CPU than Wifi? * Is there anyway to have Odospace/AIDA64 use less than 5% CPU to function?
  8. Hi all, I am running the system monitoring on an old nexus 7 android tablet via Odospace LCD and remote panel which is working great. Only issue is that I have noticed the exe AIDA64 Extreme (32 bit) on my PC is using 5-6% CPU constantly which seems way to high. I ran Cinebench and has a small impact on performance presumably because it is chewing up so much CPU time. Is it possible to get it down to 1-2%? Changing polling from 1000 to 100 didn't seem to do anything, neither did disabling EC support, two things I saw mentioned while searching the forum.
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