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  1. yeah i dont know why @Fiery is not asnwering.
  2. another up, @Fiery ? what is your statement on this ?
  3. @Fiery since HWInfo, with new version 7.0, allowed their sensors to be shared for everyone. Is there a way how to import sensors from HWInfo to AIDA64 ? i checked shared memory support in both programs, but for working correctly, this need additional implementation in AIDA64 ?
  4. hm, i thought that it is on sensor panel. never mind but with LCD you loose support for custom gauges... thanks anyway
  5. @frozenboyhow do you put gif (or that moving images) in sensorpanel?
  6. i know, but you said that custom gauges does not work with remotesensor and Logitech Arx . so im curious if there is another way to do it via web
  7. is there a way how to make sensor panel avaiable also via web (chrome/opera etc) ? something similar like remotesensor ? there is alot of options in LCD and i dont understand them, so sorry for asking, but this is quicker
  8. this is the best panel i have seen here
  9. Thank you for info. And since i miswrote OSD for SensorPanel. Any chance for SensorPanel to get GIF images support ? Or not supporting GIF images is for every monitoring feature ?
  10. my bad. I ment Custom gauges from SensorPanel to LCD. Maybe this is also my bad. But how can i add custom gauges to LCD Items then ? This is screenshot from settings and i dont see same options as it is shown in my first post. When i import settings from SensorPanel to LCD items, they are shown in LCD items, but will not show in ma remote sensor.
  11. OSD panel supports gauges, and i know that it supports pre-defined set of icons too. But i asked if this predefined_set_of_icons_feature (marked on my screenshot) would be possible to implement also to LCD support (not to OSD - they already support it :))
  12. Any chance to add support for custom gauges from OSD setting also to LCD Items? 2. Also to allow to add gifs for OSD ?
  13. @Arctucas yes, i said i found that they are supported with AIDA64 after all but i dont have them there. in HWinfo i have sensors for power consumption shown. This is what i would like to fix.
  14. i can see that guy here got power consumption in his sensor panel its added in aida then ? so whats the problem with my aida monitoring, when i have power consumption in HWinfo but not in aida ? ...
  15. so i have learned that there is no way to import HWinfo data to AIDA64. which is really shame ... can atleast monitoring for power consumption (CPU and GPU) be added ? @Fiery ?
  16. thank you for answer. for example from motherboard list, when im trying to add something to sensor panel, i dont have these values in Aida (marked with red). power draw is also not shown there. Also PCH temperature was included in older version, but in latest i dont have it. Its more values then that. i just thought that when i check shared memory in both programs, i will have identical list in them?
  17. Hello. Im new to this so sorry if this is stupid question. But is there a way how to add some sensors from HWinfo to aida? i found some i would like to use, which are not shown in Aida, but cant figure it out. I know, for start, there is some shared memory (allowed on both), which should be it, but its not working. Can someone help? thank you.
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