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  1. The bios and SIV report the temps correctly.
  2. I noticed aida64 shows Temperature #1 (Motherboard) which is thermistor 2 (Gigabyte SIV labels it EC__TEMP2) so aida64 should read Temperature #2 (Motherboard). Anyway, the other thermistor reading is missing.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Here is the ISA Sensor Dump with thermistor cables connected as requested. isasensordump.txt
  4. The updated version of AIDA64 doesn't show the readings when I connect the thermistor cables but the previous version which read -55C does.
  5. Thank you for your prompt reply. Would it be possible to reintroduce those -55°C readings now that I've connected those cables and the readings are correct?
  6. Thank you Fiery, the latest version is working perfect. One question though, I have two temperature sensor headers on my board with thermistor cables connected to them but the latest aida64 doesn't seem to be reading them. I think the -55 °C readings in the screenshot above were of these two sensors before I connected the cables. Is there any chance this can be fixed?
  7. Hello, Can you please help me. I just bought this new motherboard Gigabyte Z270X GAMING 9 but aida64 is reading some sensors incorrectly. I have attached the dumps below and a screenshot of aida64 sensor readings. Thank you, really appreciated. isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  8. Hello, Can someone please help me. I've just installed AIDA64 on my Asrock DeskMini 110 (motherboard H110M-STX) and some of the voltages are missing. Is it possible to fix this. Appreciate it.. isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  9. It's just that it doesn't match what Gigabyte have labelled. Thanks anyway.
  10. Thank you Fiery for your prompt response and great work. The bios is reporting the Motherboard temperature as System 1 temperature and Aux temperature as System 2 temperature. Is it possible to correct this? Many thanks.
  11. Hi fiery, is it possible you could correct the sensor readings for my motherboard (GA-B250-HD3P)? Many thanks. isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  12. Thank you. I knew I could rely on you as always.