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  1. Did you also just realize this, or have you had it for a while? I noticed the problem a few weeks back.
  2. My point here is that it has worked just fine for months, then for some reason, most likely a couple weeks back, or maybe a bit more, it started to show too low MHz. During this time I have not made changes to the hardware, only changes has been Windows updates. It MAY have become like this due to updating Aida64 one version prior to version v6.32, I do not know which versions it was, but I do remember updating AIda64 a few weeks back. So it MAY have started then, but I do not know for sure. I just started to notice this in the version before v6.32.
  3. Hi I just recently discovered this problem with Aida64 Extreme on my PC, MSI X99A SLI Krait Edition mobo with a Intel 5820K CPU, do not remember the make of the RAM, do not have the details here. The bug/problem: Last few weeks, or so, I am not sure for how long, I just noticed it a few days ago, I have had a problem with Aida64 reporting wrong CPU MHz, and RAM memory speeds. The CPU is OCed to 4,2 GHz but show in my 'webdisplay' on my other PC that uses the http web display, about 41XX MHz or so. RAM is OCed to 2666, but shows about 25XX MHz. But if I use Afterburner + Statisti
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