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  1. No probs. Im also using lian li 011 (not XL). Just love the 011 series from lian li
  2. Its either 12.6 or 14 depending on the size of your case.
  3. its a custom gauge. One way around it is to import mine first then go to the digital gauge, right click and copy. Then import your own sensor panel and right click and paste.
  4. Hmm ... not sure why is it like that ... i attached another file, try this one instead ? 939622804_Jacob3_sensorpanel.7ac917941d839e66f86f1fd4d42a65b3
  5. how did u include animation in it ?
  6. Resized for 800x480 as requested. 460244838_Jacob800x480_sensorpanel.8eb7156d56c18afc18cc9798512b6597
  7. Font used is Digital Play St. Here it is DIGITAL PLAY ITALIC ST.TTF DIGITAL PLAY ST.TTF
  8. Did mine for a 7 inch screen. Files attached for anyone interested ! 1347127713_Jacob2_sensorpanel.6bbdf41853e6bfa240059b77fbd4391c
  9. My first ever sensor panel !
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