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  1. @Abso what are those blue boxes at center-bottom ? german: Gude, dein Panel sieht echt mega aus. Das einzige was ich echt nicht verstehe sind diese blauen Kästchen unten in der Mitte.
  2. smal updates - got it "clean" and also configured the ranges of FANs and Temps ! Update_clean2.sensorpanel
  3. Hi, i bought a display and registered to this forum to have access to the really really good stuff so i fixed it to 800x600 add a drive and hide "front + back fans" could you tell me how i get the Network done ? - i don´t see here any data or graph OK - got it - had to change it from NIC2 to NIC1 - will upload the fix in a few minutes 2020-12-25.sensorpanel
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