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  1. BHS 3.6.sensorpanelUpdated some hardware and edited my colors a bit while messing around with this panel. Thanks again to @Exhumed for sharing his files, this is mostly his work and sloppily modified for my needs. BHS 3.6.sensorpanel
  2. Thank you for the reply. This was my mistake. I disconnected the lead for both splitters that had the 3rd pin that controls reporting. I wasn't aware that is how splitters worked, that only one lead reports the fan speed.
  3. I modified @Exhumed panel for my needs. I'm very pleased with the result given my limited skill in photo editing software and limited knowledge of hardware monitoring. I do have a problem that just cropped up with regard to fans not showing, but I don't actually think that is Aida 64's fault. I think I have a problem with my BIOS after changing my power supply and fan setup. BHS 3.4.sensorpanel
  4. I recently changed my power supply and swapped my fan setup and now I do not see chassis fans in the sensor panel manager and the chassis fan #2 status is not reporting on my panel. I had chassis fan 2 reporting to the panel, this was 3 fans, all intake, 2 bottom, one rear. I also have 2 exhaust on chassis fan 1 header which doesn't show as an option to add to the panel. I split my cpu header with a fan splitter to use the rear intake in combo since it blows directly into the cooler and the other cpu fan is a pull fan on the back of the cooler. I also have Argus monitor running to be able to control the intake fans under the gpu based on gpu temps. no chassis fans show in argus monitor either. Can someone help me troubleshoot? Thanks in advance.
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