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  1. Glad you like panel, did you get it figured out?
  2. Ok finally fixed this damn issue using the below app, in case anyone is interested. https://github.com/hunkydoryrepair/MonitorKeeper/releases
  3. Hey all, Not sure this is the correct place to put this but I looked around and couldn't find something similar. I recently upgraded to a Display port monitor over a HDMI, and my Aida screen is HDMI. When my DisplayPort monitor goes to sleep or is powered off all my open windows etc. get resized to fit my 8" screen that runs my Aida panel. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop this. I have tried the CRU tool and set specific resolutions on the 2 screens but it still keeps happening. How is everything managing this? does everyone have this issue? Anything can be done to
  4. Some amazing panels here, I'm starting one for myself, going for something clean and simple currently. My question to everyone here though is how do you get the main DisplayPort monitor and your sensor panel to stay the same resolution during sleep so things don't get moved around and windows resized during that time? Its driving me bonkers. I tried CRU but it still seems to keep happening so wondering how people are getting around this? Do you just not allow monitor to sleep at all? Any help/critic is appreciated. Thanks SesnorPanel1920x480contagous.r
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