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  1. 1024x600. Sensor panel file and all pictures/gauges included in the .rar. Made this panel for a new watercooled build. Hoping to eventually change the pump flow (currently RPM) to a real flow rate (GPH or LPH) once Fiery kindly adds the High Flow Next from Aquasuite to the next version of Aida I built the gauges with PPT and the attached .rar file has the ppt file I used to make the file, in case someone wants to change the colors. I saved the autoshapes as images, then used Windows Paint 3D to resize. SensorPanel.rar
  2. Sorry for dropping off the radar. I still can't see the Aqua Flow Next in Aida64 after the latest Aida update. The Flow Next meter is their new gadget to measure flow rate (looks like you guys traded messages on that). For what it's worth, it's great (and is very accurate). I recently got an Octo and I'm hoping to connect all the components (including the Flow Next meter) through the Octo. I'll come back and update if that makes the device readable to Aida64 at all... @Fiery let me know if there's anything I can help with in the interim that may make adding this device easier.
  3. Hey folks (maybe @Fiery?), wondering if this is user error (i.e. I'm an idiot) or if Aquasuite isn't importing into Aida64 with the latest update. Definitely have sensor data showing up in Aquasuite though; flow and temperature right there, just can't get it to show up in Aida64. For context, trying to build a sensor panel but can't get flow or temperature from my High Flow Next (AquaSuite) to show up in Aida64. Done all the usuals (searched in Stability, enabled WMI, external data/shared memory , etc.) but it's still not showing up. Attaching the Aquacomputer dump for reference, in
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