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  1. Give's a Chance to add the Option to disable the background in sensor panel?
  2. @Mice007 Can maybe add the Team a Option to disable the background? Transparent makes the color so grey.
  3. Yes right and this is not really difficult. The first what you need is the Steam wallpaper engine. My System is potent enough to handle 4 Monitors with animated wallpapers, you can select in the engine, wallpapers stop if you have anything in Fullscreen mode to save Ressources. I tried with vlc Player to play a background Video a's wallpaper too and IT works. Short discription. Create an animated Video with After effects or any Apps. This Video convert to h264.mp4 Create with steam wallpaper engine a New wallpaper and select the Video file. Set a's wall
  4. @Abso joa bei meiner cpu sinds evtl 1% also vertretbar ich selbst nutze es auf einem 4 zoll display Yes if i have time, i make a tutorial/ short discription in the next days
  5. one more full animated (not web/remote) Panel (in Progress ) Final with start/end animation
  6. my another designs for 480 x 800 and for my other display 1024 x 800 mit many animated gauges
  7. Yes is more effort but with time and a cool Design is it worth.
  8. @frozenboy @joransrb No this is not Web Version this is Standard panel. I use steam wallpaper engine to make the panel animated
  9. Hey all This is just a > Test< try to make the Panel Animated
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