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  1. 95% done, just some tweak of colors on the gauges https://imgur.com/PyLqvld
  2. I really dont have that kind of time at the moment unfortunately but I will share the PSDs and perhaps you or someone else can fix it! Sensorpanel Rog 2021.rar AMDRTG.rar
  3. What if you use the clock instead and make him take a step for each second? Cool panel btw!
  4. whoop whoop my first panel finished! Just holla if you want it 1280x720
  5. A cool (IMO) FPS Gauge meter for all you ROG fans
  6. and also....... as a gif! Just because I can Fantastic quality though
  7. Great thread! I have truly been inspired by many of you! This is my first contribution, an analogue volume knob. Enjoy!
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